Editorial ethics:

The editorial policy of the journal "Fiziko-mathematical education" supports ethical publication standards adopted in the world, and considers their implementation essential to maintain the credibility of scientific publications and high quality scientific publications.Of credibility on the part of educators and scientists to the results presented in the publication will be guaranteed, if we are to avoid:

In case of ignoring by the author (authors) of these points the editorial Board reserves the right to refuse to publish submitted materials.

The policy of the journal on the prevention of plagiarism

Plagiarism - promulgation (publication), completely or partially, someone else's text under the name of the person who is not the author of this text.
Self-plagiarism - is a re-publication of the author scope and identical in form and content of their academic texts without stating the fact of their previous or simultaneous publication.
Text plagiarism - is the full or partial borrowing of text fragments (modified or not modified) that is present in the articles, theses, reports, monographs, manuscripts, theses and dissertations, and the like.

The steps characterizing the process of plagiarism:

Plagiarism klassificeret in the following categories:

For checking on plagiarism we are using the search text matches, which is available as winnepasaukee software for installation on personal computer and online resource - eTXT Antiplagiat.

For publication in the journal of the uniqueness of the minimal directional text must be 70%.

1. All manuscripts submitted to the journal are checked for uniqueness given BY the Executive editor at the stage of primary consideration.
2. In cases of plagiarism, the manuscript is rejected.
3. All responsibility for the accuracy of the articles, accuracy of titles, names and citations are the authors of the submitted materials according to the current legislation of Ukraine (Law of Ukraine "On copyright and related rights").